geochemical exploration and heavy mineral in sheet of Esfandaqeh with a scale of 1:100,000

Author Ali Mozaffari, Farnoosh Farjandy, Mohsen Najaran
Published At 13 March 2004


Identification and introduction of promising mineral areas is considered as one of the fundamental mechanisms and indicators of sustainable development and expansion.


Identification and introduction of promising mineral areas is considered as one of the fundamental mechanisms and indicators of sustainable development and expansion. To  detect hidden mineral wealth of this land and introduction of them to responsible men to explore, for optimum usage in trend of  job creation and eradication of poverty can be considered as one of most fundamental investments to maintain and expand prosperity and Iran. Following to approval and preparation of geochemical sheets 1:100,000, in form of throughout geochemical exploratory plans in Iran and geochemical results obtained from analysis of geochemical samples and study samples of heavy minerals with geological information in the region and eventually combining these three as exploratory data layer information and determines the index of promising mineral areas, gathered as sheet1:100,000 Asfandaghe was located in agenda explore time management. In range of sheet of 1:100,000of Esfandaqeh because lithological diversity and variety of various rock facieses and also abundance of fractures it can be expected mineralization through faults in northeast - southwest, east - West and particularly in turning point or changing along the faults. Introduction outcrop of ultramafic rocks is the states geochemical in promising areas in geochemical exploration. Fault systems with trend of NW and SE are mainly thrust faults. The trend of NE- SW is another reason for the importance of this area from mineralization aspect. The results of regional geochemical exploration as publishing of the process malformed and compliance with this range of public process faults and other geological structures and elements expanding Kansai compliance mechanism with various units of stone, likely Hzvvr promising mineral areas reinforces . The present report describes the operation of heavy mineral and geochemical exploration de Rmqyas 100000: a sheet with 27 Asfandaghe the map elements and map release factor and heavy anomaly zones is presented. For data processing software, Cad map2000, Surfer 7, Photoshop 6, Excel 2000, spss 10 Used. Analyze and interpret data Vtfsyrntayj using classical statistical methods and advanced ...) as well as computational methods has been made.  Geographical Asfandaghe sheet in northwest Sabzevaran rectangle (250,000: 1) And at Kerman province is located. This fact sheet includes 4 50 000: 1 that the position papers in the form of (1) is shown. This area has some scattered Abadi that their central government is Abad. important villages are: Dowlatabadi, Hussein Abad - Ferdows - saltwater - Fath Abad - Wind Crest - Mahmodabad - new aqueduct. Main way of communication range include: Road route Jiroft Dolatabad Asfandaghe length 70 km, 20 km and 10 km in the early final 30 km of asphalt road and the rest is dirt. Road, soil texture direction - west Chenaran Check sheet Asfandaghe Road area towards the north after crossing the Rud on the city would continue and that the only main road north and south sections Rud them together makes. Road-earth region of Southwest Asfandaghe to Abadi and Abadi Bagh sheet Business people of this area of agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, and mining is quotas.  

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