geophysical exploration of Shurabe sulfates in Gavkhoni

Author Firooz Jafari
Published At 14 September 2007


Wetland or swamp cow blood called playa Varzaneh one Playahay basin water intake in Isfahan and estuaries Zayandehrood River with an area of 550 square kilometers is. And one Frvrftgyhay Sirjan - Isfahan considered coming.


1-2 - Geographical and roads Wetland or swamp cow blood called playa Varzaneh one Playahay basin water intake in Isfahan and estuaries Zayandehrood River with an area of 550 square kilometers is. And one Frvrftgyhay Sirjan - Isfahan considered coming. The north lake seasonal and shallow there And at section South crust salt with Shvrabh between the crystal there. vast lake depends on the rate of recharge of water in different years there. lagoon bovine blood between the lengths geographical ° 53 and 45 ° 52 and latitude 15 32 ° and 32 ° is located. The height of about 1440 meters above sea level. Jrqvyh this wetland area of the East and south-west city of Yazd province Nodooshan Naein Vghrb area and is located north-west.    1-3 - Geological Area On topographic maps, wetland cow blood as a pear from north to south, drawn by the tip de Rqsmt Black Mountain and parts of wide areas south is located. In the largest section within about 20 miles and Tvlsh little more or G 25 km . D Rhashyh the sand dunes of western psychotherapy (sand, wind) length of 45 km South East Varzaneh few kilometers south of East Malvajrd continues. the height of the sand in the wind highest point 1607 meters from the surface water is free. in the northern margins, geomorphic units such as the eastern and southern cones alluvial fan, flood plains, clay plains, wetlands and salt crust can be named. Cow’s blood in a closed lagoon sedimentary basin in which sediments Kvatrnrnzyr gravel, sand, silt, clay, silt, marl, gypsum and salt filled .... and now is also in sedimentation. Waterways, floods, and several seasonal and permanent rivers in this basin flows are the most important of which is Zayandehrud. The drainage salts, cations and anions of the output of rocks, intrusive and sedimentary formations of different ... with their environment, transport altogether. In terms of geological structure and formation, wetland cow blood part Azfrvaftadgy tectonic important Sirjan - of which more than 600 miles long and low Vbysh parallel Rvrandgy Zagros is considered to come. Within the wetland area to the area of 130 square kilometers side southern swamp Shell is with salt. salt crust in the northern part with the hole in the central and seasonal lake and in parts of eastern and southern areas of moist, clay and sand pan Rigi and terrace with a different issue and waterways and in the West first area moist and then pan the sandy salt and sand dunes of wind is limited. The thickness of the shell salt is different so that Drhashyh southern, east and west less than 5 cm Vbdaz that the center thickness than is Vbh more than 1 m appears. under this crust salt in a single sand wind juicy thick average 10 m de Rhfaryha has probably under a great deal of shell salt is expanding. shell salt in bulk form multi irregular is due to the juiciness and forward backward, and water, the shell is not completely dry. salt formation is that Drmvaq area covered by flood water and mud is mud, and black clay from its leaves, which remained Affected by hot dry seasons of severe salt evaporation with different thicknesses are deposited. The salt extractable and Drbkhshhay western and south-west slope area due to the further spread and is now extracted. 1-4 - The purpose of geophysical studies The purpose of geophysical studies that can find locations of sodium sulfate concentration of minerals is adequate. In this regard, and considering the following points are important: • the volume of mineral exploration should be enough to be differentiated physical characteristics, its properties include the organization it is. • having different physical characteristics include appropriate organizations • physical characteristics not covered by a mineral exploration by other physical characteristics of the organizations involved. Thus Abtdabh identify physical characteristics of sodium sulfate pay. As sodium sulfate minerals Myrablyt Tnardyt and are found in nature. Tnardyt although usually with more naturally as water absorption Myrablyt appears. Both these minerals crystallized in two forms: soluble and nature are found. Myrablyt especially crystallized weightless about 47 / 1 gram cubes is Brsantymtr Vaz comment electrical resistivity and resistance to salt solutions over a Shvrabh will be around.