Exploration project geological formation for brick production

Author : Pars Geology Research Group
Published At 12 February 2003


Iran’s Kermanshah province in the West between the ’41 ° 33 north latitude and ’7 ° 35 ’24 ° 45 to ’6 ° 48 east longitude is located. From north to Kurdistan and Standard N Azjnvb the provinces of Lorestan and Ilam East to West and from province to lead Iraq. area over the province is 24,500 square kilometers. The province consists of 11 city and 83 district 20 is part.


1-1 - Position Iran’s Kermanshah province in the West between the ’41 ° 33 north latitude and ’7 ° 35 ’24 ° 45 to ’6 ° 48 east longitude is located. From north to Kurdistan and Standard N Azjnvb the provinces of Lorestan and Ilam East to West and from province to lead Iraq. area over the province is 24,500 square kilometers. The province consists of 11 city and 83 district 20 is part. 1-2 - Population Bug for Census 1375, that figure was 1,778,596 persons, including 1,098,282 people residing in urban areas, 670,459 people living in rural and D. Rmnatq non-resident population of 9,855 people as it is. 1-3 - Topography Kermanshah province in terms of topography can be divided into two parts: the 1 - 2 of inequality - of plain 1-3-1 - inequality of Kermanshah province is mountainous districts of Zagros Mountains covered the bulk of the province and only in parts of low-amplitude gradients and widespread in the mountains or by the wide, low lands and plains see alluvial be. Zagros Mountains rise of this wrinkle is regular and high in the West and south-western Iran from northwest to southeast are drawn. Generally rough major provinces are: • Dalahv Mountains: Located in the West Province and has a forest cover and green pastures, range and also Brfgyr peaks and springs are numerous, and the source of rivers is permanent. Brjlg·h deaf mountain and plain, is fluent in Iraq: • Mountain Prav: Prav highest mountain, the mountain is Inscription. This mountain side and along the East COLD located northwest direction toward the mountains Bostan goes. Achaemenid inscription of the mountain, and Inscription Since the Sassanian carvings inside it in Bostan needed. • Sfydkvh: located in the southern city of Kermanshah and Lorestan side stretches. • Shaho: The mountains of East Ravansar, Javanrud and DA in the past and the western part of the river will lead Seirawan. Tallest height it reaches 3370 meters, the mountain trail bed has been Shaho. • Fire Temple or Temple Mount: mountain string that Shaho Jdash ten and a sword in the West Village area and past Avramanat Sirwan River Valley is leading, and the natural border ridge and DA is Javanrud. • Mount Gzn: Fire Temple Mount is the sequence in the West River is high Seirawan and the mountain ridge as the normal fire temple is between the DA and Javanrud. • Snqrklyayy mountains around the city are numerous and most important of which include Mount Kmrzrd, Hazaran Khani below Mount Badr Dvlh Mount Seir, the mountain’s paw, mountain valleys and mountains of North Head node. Palaces around the city recently heights are too sweet Dardkh include: mountain hot Aq (White Mountain) in West Qsrshyryn, mountains play a long sequence of the mountains of North Gylanghrb its highest peak is Mount Sufi. • Tuesday over the mountains between the villages Chgrlh transportation and is located in the highlands and mountain regions and King Bansyran de Rnahyh Gylanghrb. 1-3-2 - plain and plain As part of the inequality, the more mountainous regions of Kermanshah, but being the same mountain that caused failures and holes in the original building, mostly plains and plains of the province created. Sometimes vast distances, mountains and in some places are narrow and thin, plain and numerous plains formed of alluvial deposits that have been accumulated. Qshrbalayy main factor of soil to the plains and plains, the long years of continuous erosion that has continued . It must be said that people living in this area so far away from the past always closely this fertile agricultural plains has had. attracted by agricultural land and housing and population concentration and mutually population increase, more fertile land is brought. Some of the alluvial plain of Kermanshah sample Best agricultural land, and perhaps the most susceptible component parts of our country are agricultural, and steppes Mahydsht Qbylnd Klyayy it. The climate in this case has led to most devices with minimal facilities Vabtdayy product obtained relative abundance. Steppes of and plains of Kermanshah are as important Zyrnd: • plain located between the east and Mount COLD Bydsrkh scene, about 55 km width of this plain, the northern highlands relatively impassable, but the south is entirely open Vhmvar, why Vbh ways to the city of Nahavand Tuyserkan this area drawn. This fertile plain bonds agriculture area residents is important. • plain between the stage and Kermanshah: The Plains of foot elevations Willow Red begins in the highlands horseshoe Breaker ends, wide Benhaddou 90 km in the north Heights Pav and Shaho located. The plain fertile and water abundant where the flow, but due to the river bed, water and land around it is quite dominant cause irrigation system that was correct not to do in this area and thus the natural resources available in agriculture boom is not much. • Mahydsht: The plains of eastern limit horseshoe breaker heights and heights over the western limit Hassan Abad and covers a four coarse. Km wide and about 25 from both sides is totally open, with plenty of water and soil from areas of major Farming of Kermanshah is considered Mb. • Plain Islamabad and deaf: the east by the heights and Farah Dalahv been limited, and around the Domain Mshjr parts plain, and fertile soil and is prone to agriculture. • Plain located between elevations Pataq and Khosravi (border with Iraq and Iran): width varies between 20 to 70 kilometers, the height above sea level low due to close borders South with climate is warm and part of tropical West is considered. 1-4 - soils Appearance and regional soil briefly are as follows: Land, mostly mountains with a relatively sharp gradient and long Vdaray mailing is a shallow soil, coarse, and that so-called young alluvial soils and a Varyz·h called. Any slope Domain Softened the soil is less than gross and fine grain soil with little Myqv limestone granules are seen which are known as brown soil. In areas with plains and deep post are disabled due to accumulation of water Below ground, soil or Hydrvmvrf called wet meadow soils are observed. In the tropics, such as regional and Qsrshyryn Gylanghrb and Svmar, due to high evaporation and low rainfall and the presence of chalk and marl formation, sometimes we encounter salty soils. Some of the sides of rivers and stream sediment stratified soil young seen. In other parts Bsyarsngyn clay soils that have a dry season gaps are wide and deep, see. Department of Agriculture in Kermanshah Province in recent years for geology and soil fertility, groups of officers in the province that have their main activities is as follows: Determine the need for food and water products, and improve land drainage, soil conservation, soil identification Modified by laboratories and salty and alkaline lands. wow measures for the realization of geology maps and statistical tables also provide areas of Kermanshah