Control and introduction of promising mineral area in Alout sheet with a scale of 1:100000

Author Hossein Ali Taj al-Din
Published At 14 August 2006


Sheet: 100000 of Aout is located in Marivan - Mahabad exploration zone (zone 7) and is through Sanandaj - Sirjan zone from the tectonic aspect.


Abstract Sheet: 100000 of Aout is located in Marivan - Mahabad exploration zone (zone 7) and is through   Sanandaj - Sirjan zone from the tectonic aspect. Oldest rocks of the study area are metamorphic units composed mainly of schist, filite, slate, metharbolite and gneisses that have been attributed to Precambrian. Then a relatively thick units of Cretaceous, a series of shale sediments to volcanic, with lack of Triassic and Jurassic rocks appear that at the separator border between the Lower Paleozoic and Cretaceous, the Permian limestone as they can be seen, are without root and without Stratigraphic order and occasionally they have been thrust on the older and or younger stones. Collection of color mélange, in the Southwest region of the area has been appeared in a sequence and or in intercontinental Rift that its components age reaches to Paleocene. in range of  Alout sheet, Duran granite is oldest magmatic  phase which has been intruded into the Precambrian metamorphic units. Previously, metamorphic set must be reminded that has been exposed in an extent from south of Mahabad to the north of Baneh and they have been belonged to  highest part of mentioned series. In the late Cretaceous - early Paleocene, and perhaps simultaneously with the closing of the ocean and Laramyde phase, Cretaceous units have been altered. During the mechanism of this phase, extensive, mainly eastern regions of the sheet have gone under the influence intrusive mass attack that their combination changes from quartz diorite in lithologic viewpoint. Exploratory work in this sheet has been carried out by using of geological, geochemical, telemetry and data integration results. Based on geochemical studies in this sheet, 45 range after promising area have been introduced to exploration of elements such as gold and … . Considering the evidence of geology, geochemical and other data, considered and priority areas were visited and samples which were suspected to mineralization, were collected. In this study,  total of 265 samples were collected and were sent to laboratory for complete studies. The collection of mineral potential in Alou sheet include events of gold, silver, base metals (lead, zinc and copper), iron, barite, Pyrofilite, silica, graphite, Laterite and building stone.s According to field evidence and laboratory results, Alout sheet is more noticeable likely in presence of potentials of gold, silver, iron, barite and pyrofillit. In this sheet, two types of gold ore deposition is considerable: a) gold ore deposition associated with shear Zones, in the range of Sheikh Chupan - Mirgah Naghshineh, Zavh kuh and Barika and in east (and north east) of Gale village have exposure, and b) the type of gold ore deposition in type of massive sulfides with Gold-rich VMS that this type of mining has been registered in area of  Barykabh barite mine. Moreover, in area of this mine, with gold, silver amount (up to 830 grams per ton) has been considerable too. Total results of this study and previous studies in Alout sheet is a promising prospect for probable presence of gold (and silver) in this land of Iran, so that geological conditions in this metamorphic zone of Sanandaj – Sirjan, results in precise and justified studies in  regional scale, to explore these two types of gold ore deposit, therefore, to explore these two types of gold mineralization, within the sheet Alout, is in priorityof exploration programs. in Alou sheet, a strip of iron ore and or hematite and magnetite glass has been seen within  Qadrabad, Bahram Abad and Golinar villages which all of them have been fixed in metarhyolitic unit (P € mr). Therefore, exploratory reviews in range of mentioned metarhiolitic unit which have been in the North East of Alout sheet, is suggested. The study of ore horizons in outcrops  of metarhiolitics in range of Bahram Abad, Qalu Zendan, Qalu Sheikhan, Golinar and Qader Abad have a higher priority. Introduction one of  general outlines of the basic mineral exploration sector is  recognizing the potential and power of mining in sheets in scale of 1:100,000 of the country and introduce them to more detailed studies. In despite of our land is rich in minerals, but studies, done to explore these resources are Initial.  In order to study and explore some important mineral resources, 20exploration zones  in geology and mineral exploration organization in the country were determined. To introduce promising areas of mineral exploration in each zone, various Geology, geochemistry, air and Geophysics and telemetry data are used. Mentioned data are combined to each other exploration targets are denoted. It has been proven experimentally, if data layers combining has been done properly, the results will be promising. The result of this action to introduce a series of possible areas for mineralization, in name of  promising mineral areas. These points are controlled by exploration geologists on the ground and  if there is evidences for the existence of mineral mineralization, will introduce for exploratory  detailed studies.