Control limits and introduce promising mineral in sheet of Baneh with a scale of 1:100,000

Author Hossein Ali Taj al-Din
Published At 13 May 2006


sheet Baneh zone reconnaissance Marivan - Mahabad (zone number 7) is located. This sheet is located in the western province of Kurdistan and a large part of it is in Iraq


Abstract 1:100000 sheet Baneh zone reconnaissance Marivan - Mahabad (zone number 7) is located. This sheet is located in the western province of Kurdistan and a large part of it is in Iraq. From the perspective of division of structural, sheet range Baneh, Drmnthy Alyh northwest structural zone of Sanandaj - Sirjan is located. Oldest rocks within the study, Permian rocks are limestone, which outcrops east city have Baneh. Jurassic had expanded into a very small allotment and Fylyt and limestone of the Cretaceous outcrops in the region are highest. Trsyr started with Eocene and encompasses the volcanic rocks, shale - sandstone and limestone is. Oligocene marl units are. Miocene sand with lithology and Knglvmrayy and ultimately destructive Quaternary units in the region will occur. gabbro combining mass influence - Dyvryty to younger Cretaceous granite stones have infiltrated around. mass influence on the sidelines, where Fillite of host rocks have been hornfels have been formed. Radiolarite units and colorful mix contact different fault from the west region are spread out. Karaktshafy in this paper using geological and geochemical data has been follow-through. Geochemical studies based on this paper, promising to 7 range after saving elements such as gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, molybdenum, antimony, bismuth, tin and ... Has been introduced. Considering the evidence of geological and geochemical data, and priority areas in the desired form Baneh visited and samples were suspected mineralization harvest. In this study a total of 54 samples Vjht studies were sent to laboratories.  Based on field surveys done and the results of laboratory studies, Baneh sheet of metal mineral potential is weak. Events in the two gold ore lies within East Village and East Village Ram Dare camera plasma volume were observed in the mineralization in any One these events is not significant (maximum 280 mg/ton) Based on this review other metallic elements in mineral samples suspected of making any significant potential for these elements did not show. Generally set in the mineral potential in Baneh sheet includes decorative stone facade and can be considered economic. Introduction A general outline mineral exploration sector, recognizing the potential and power in the mineral sheet 1:100000 country and introduce them to perform comparative studies is more. Despite our country a land rich in minerals, but the studies regarding the exploration of these resources is in the beginning. to study and explore some important mineral resources, exploration zones in 20 Triple Geological Survey countries were determined. to introduce promising areas of mineral exploration in each zone, various data Geology, geochemistry, geophysics and aerial telemetry data is used. mentioned information together and combined exploration targets (target) are denoted. It has been proven experimentally, especially if the information integration layer done right, results will be promising. The result of this action to introduce a series of possible areas for mineralization of mineral called promising areas would lead to. these points by exploration geologists once controlled the land and if there are evidence for the existence mineralization mineral exploration for more detailed studies will be introduced.