Report geometric modeling and ore reserve estimation metal bridge club well

Author Fazli khani T.
Published At 12 April 2007


Deposit club well as a continuous layer of length 2000 m and average thickness of 50 cm from quartzite, amphibolite, pyroxene and quartz with iron in the marble base of a sand layer varies in thickness, consists of about 15 meters


Deposit club well as a continuous layer of length 2000 m and average thickness of 50 cm from quartzite, amphibolite, pyroxene and quartz with iron in the marble base of a sand layer varies in thickness, consists of about 15 meters. The unitary times by the first criterion Pour Ghasemi was discovered in the winter of 1349. There are many old things in uprising attract attention and then Geochemistry Department to oversee the Islamic Tadayyon fall 1352 and Geophysics Department in collaboration with Nicholas and Kimia pen studies conducted resulting from the proposed drilling Institute of Geology of Yugoslavia seven holes along the desired layer If late winter 1352 until mid-spring 1353 was drilled during the contract. now report geophysical and drilling is not available. also picked geological area by Hamza Poor (four milestone, scale 1:100000) song (easy Abad 1:100000) and Hassan first unitarian (Mokhtaran 1:100000 scale) took place, the mine area Map Tuesday near the corner joint, but outside them as flour And at harvest Myghan map, shall deposit in rectangle will be removed. (adapted from the report viewed by the club well mine Momenzadeh M. Akram 1353) Location Range studied in eastern Iran, and South Khorasan distance of approximately 100 km South East of Birjand (from air) And at 70 km north and North West Nehbandan were between 15 and 40 km North-East and North Village Romeo in the geographic area (deposit wells club 44 " ◦ 31 and ’57, and North and "57 and ’31 and Eastern ◦ 59). ways to access the study area from the main road in the decades of Birjand to Zahedan Ismail Abad club reaches well together through Nehbandan Wiki - Chha Rfrskh and is of climate due to some position in the region Since Lute has a dry desert climate, and also has many rivers with a width which indicated severe flood flow is Drfsvl rainfall is seen entirely without water and southward flows. Occupation deal major livestock and agricultural area, its people and workers and small crafts are weaving carpet. [5] General Geology club well The study area in North West milestone two four-sheet 1:100000 1:250000 sheet Rshmal ten geographical "44 and ’57, and North and ◦ 31" 50 and ’30 and ◦ 59 East. Range of Lut block Flysh Regional - East of ophiolitic belt has been a part of the Lut block Paleozoic platform Iran strongly affected by orogenic movements have been late. Magmatism and influence the movements of the masses like plutonic granite mass King Mountain is along deposit within organizations studied Jurassic metamorphosed, amphibolite schist with sex in general mineralization is located in the contact layer of lime is continuously changed occurred. lime thickness varied between 30 and 80. Along the layers above  W ◦ 85 N, and its length over 2 km and slopes average 65 degrees toward the South. This layer between layers thick from schist of the transformation has been in much of South layers of limestone to change the thickness of schist metamorphic been little organization The present treaty by the recent sediments (river sediment) and is covered by alluvium. Thickness while the northern side changed Shysthay Bkhsv p. northeast is noticeable. According to report No. 22 Geological Survey of metamorphic schist include all amphibole schist with and that is of irregular quartz veins, with amphibole schist of the disconnected it. It seems that the two faults in parallel and close to W ◦ 85 N caused the appearance of layers of limestone have been changes in the level. fault of layers of limestone in the southern limit is not well defined. If the north side of well defined is. because North narrow streaks of limestone metamorphosed limestone outcrops is. Workshops as old wells, mine of the diagonal is along the same vein has been drilled. ore well established club in two different theories there. high temperature heat source of artifacts due to thermal alteration, and is minerals maker and major veins of lime has joined occurred. lime minerals suitable for the establishment and accumulation of lime seems to change. Also, because abundant that there is de effect phenomenon has been intense rock weathering a situation And at Symantasyvn area and consists of copper-rich (Islamic). another theory that the origin of sedimentary deposit club well and had been badly as Astrataband has changed and fracture North, North West and North East ore layer with change while place inside a small layer of ore with causes outside the band never marble building is not noticeable. (Momenzadeh 1353) (Adapted from the mine exploration wells reported by Abolhassan club Tadayyon Islamic Batlkhys 1352 and Additions) 1:100000 map of part of the four milestone will be observed 1-1 d on which the study area with specific box.