Geochemical exploration in Maku – Ashnuieh axis

Author Fazeli – Meshkani – Alipour – Akbarpour – Mostoon – Farjandi – Soltani – Nobari
Published At 12 April 2002


One of susceptible and intact areas of Iran land contains infinite grants from God such as water, delightful weather, sufficient sun energy, relatively raining, young and useful growth, cheap work force, various ancient traces, natural beautiful landscapes and hidden mineral invests in western Azerbaijan Province


Introduction One of susceptible and intact areas of Iran land contains infinite grants from God such as water, delightful weather, sufficient sun energy, relatively raining, young and useful growth, cheap work force, various ancient traces, natural beautiful landscapes and hidden mineral invests in western Azerbaijan Province. Existence of beautiful and delightful Orumieh Lake can be effective in attraction of inner and outer tourists and so job creation and gaining of foreign exchange earnings have valuable role through stable development. Establishment of dam on aquatic permanent flows such as Zulachai, Ghatour Chai, Aras and … can have valuable and undeniable role through development of human indexes in field of saving of water energy providing, nurture of types of aquatics ad especially cold aquatic fishes. Annually relative suitable raining results in groundwater aquifers in areas of steppe and plain that explaining from these aquifers results in agriculture and gardening in vast portions of this susceptible provinces. Suitable vegetation, especially in full raining years, results in development in husbandary, rainfed cultivation and bee breeding in this province. Existence of tens of ancient traces is also a special position which can increase foreign exchange earnings. Adjacent to four counties of Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey and Iraq can have a valuable role in its place in growth of flourishing of regional economy. In spite of grants and divine graces, the factors such as depravity, outstanding increasing of population, tribal, cultural challenges and other negative factors are one of reasons which can be observed in beginning of entrance to this susceptible province. More than these cases, after misery cases such as unemployment, depravity, contraband, lack of development, lack of primary fundamental facilities and … can be implied as this province is deprived and out of date in the country with all of index implied parameters. In recent years, proctors and governors have been reordered fundamental and basic civilization operations in trend of depravity remediation in this land which can be hopeful in case of following, trying, attraction of popular investment and creation of suitable operations to light landscapes of this province and exit from depravity and out of dating. Establishment of fundamental road network and especially completion of starting of Shahid Kalantari Highway (established on Orumieh Lake) can result in easily relation way of the province into other areas and especially Eastern Azerbaijan and finally centers of Iran. Supporting of fundamental development plans such as agriculture and husbandry, control of effluent water with floods, increasing and nurture of aquatics in effluent rivers and aquatic sources, controlled in order to job creation and production of sufficient food resources, creation of artificial forests in susceptible areas because of existence of water and soil resources, moisture and relative suitable raining, empowers of rural handcrafts, implementation of industrial plans and development of generator factories, repairing of ancient traces, creation of suitable motels for tourism attraction and privilege of tourism industry, prevention from unordinary population growth and immigrations and other civilization operations are factors which clean depravity from this province, in addition to mentioned effective factors, for progression and development of this goldish land is one of fundamental and basic parameters, present during the of stable development, investment in exploration and extracting of mineral resources. Iran land area with an area over than 1,648,000 km 2 is regarded as 16th vast land in the world. Because of this extent, various geological occurrences and events in this vast zone which has been caused susceptible regions in viewpoint of containing mineral reservoirs that small part of that has been identified so far and has been exploited. Because of this index characteristic, investment in field of recognition of mineral susceptibilities can have considerable help in fundamental affairs and through stable development. Western Azerbaijan land is an intact region in aspect of logic exploration plans and deploring can empower fundament of stable development in this province. Undoubtedly it forms one of fundamental parts of exploration parts and regional geochemical explorations that one of its aims is separation of susceptible virtual mineral areas. Following of this recognition and operation, according to instruction of exploration supreme council and and after division of twenty areas in Iran, in order to fid mineral susceptibility of the country, preparation of maps in scale of 1:100,000 of geochemical, hammer type exploration, satellite  data and aerial geomagnetic in agenda of various management of GSI. Dividing of twenty regions are based on priorities such as extent of units and considerable lithofacieses, presence and identification of active and abandoned mines, eradication of poverty in order to stable development and other parameters based on mentioned factors, 14 sheets in scale of 1:100,000 in area of western Azerbaijan province is located in priority of exploration operations. Geochemical exploration group of GSI has accepted responsibility of sampling, analyzing of data and compilation of reports in frame of entrusted duties. Precision in accomplishment of office and field operations as a undeniable rule by people of geochemical exploration group has been regarded in the project. Hopefully with precise accomplishment of other operative and implementation stages such as analysis of geochemical samples (that it is primary fundament of all data processing and estimation of susceptible regions), studies of heavy minerals, data processing and finally representation of reports through introductions and recognition of areas because we can have a determinate role.