Preliminary Report of April 9, 2013 Shonbeh (Kaki) Earthquake

Author ‌‌Behnam Oveisi
Published At 12 April 2013


Preliminary Report of April 9, 2013 Shonbe (Kaki) Earthquake Event Time: 2013-04-09 11:52:50 UTC Location: Shonbeh, Bushehr Province Magnitude: 6.3 Mw


Preliminary Report of April 9, 2013 Shonbeh (Kaki) Earthquake Synthetic profiles of convergence rates (relative to stable Arabia) across the central Zagros according to the GPS and geomorphic data, compared to the topographic profiles along a northwestern transect. Comparing the location, rates and directions of shortening through the front Zagros (Oveisi et al., 2007 & 2009), with the GPS data (Walpersdorf et al., 2006), or the distribution of seismicity through the range (Talebian & Jackson, 2004; Tatar et al., 2004), suggests that the sedimentary cover is largely decoupled from crust in the front portion of the Zagros. Note to the red boxes that show the areas predicted to track of back-thrust rupture and/or bending moment effects. Currently field geologist (dispatched from GSI-SSD), try to checkout this prediction in the field. The first field observation shows there are some traces of movement over a SW-ward thrust fault (should be more checkout).  Behnam Oveisi Related reports