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Preliminary Earthquake Report of the Bostan-Abad EarthquakeGeology(not set)AZARBAIJAN SHARGHI
Geomechanical reviews at Arghash- Chesmezard mining region (anomaly No: 3)Geology(not set)etc
Golestan province flood reportGeology(not set)GOLESTAN
Annual review report of Larijan hot-water spring following earthquakes, 18 to 27,Mehr month, 1381Geology(not set)etc
Silvane ,1:100:000 SheetGeology(not set)etc
Rock fall hazard review at chaloos roadGeology(not set)etc
Summary subjects regarding Quaternary sediments around TehranGeology(not set)etc
Immediately report of Latian dam LandslideGeology(not set)etc
Compeletion studies of Magnetic anomalyGeology(not set)ISFAHAN
Earthquakes report in 1383 Tir month at Paghale, Shahre-Babak regionGeology(not set)KERMAN
Engineering geology preliminary report of Gamasiab cave, Nahavand townGeology(not set)
Subsidences mechanism review and the hazards caused from it as Kabodarahang, Famnin and Hamekasi plains (Hamedan province)Geology(not set)HAMEDAN
Engineering geology preliminary report and the offered strategies for rebuilding Bam tounGeology(not set)KERMAN
Landslide hazard zonation map report at Hossein-Abad Kalpoosh, Sem as provinceGeology(not set)SEMNAN
Magnetic ores explorationGeology(not set)
First reviews of monitoring points layout and geology water (earth crust monitoring plan at central Alborz)Geology(not set)
Annual review report of Larijan hot-water spring following earthquakes, 17to 18 Mehr month, 1381Geology(not set)MAZANDARAN
Golestan province flood reportGeology(not set)
Land slide preliminary review from Oshan- Fasham roadGeology(not set)TEHRAN
Rock avalanche of Abikarkon- Olya village, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari provinceGeology(not set)CHAHARMAHAL BAKHTEYARY