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Celcetine(not set)etc
Argillite(not set)etc
Gold- Titanium recovery(not set)etc
Mica(not set)etc
Titanium beneficiation(not set)etc
Arghash gold(not set)etc
Manganese rock bereficiation(not set)etc
Zinc and lead ore dressing by the gravity method(not set)etc
Barite(not set)etc
Watershed agicultural development and reclamation of Kol river and Qeshm Island(not set)etc
Fayzabad sedimentology remote- sensing review(not set)etc
Standard and similar signs preparation for 1:100/000 maps(not set)etc
Chabahar 1:100/000 map preparation(not set)etc
Zagros Mesozoic units sedimentology (Nayriz-Aligoodarz)(not set)etc
Tasooj, 1:100:000 Sheet(not set)etc
Systematic geochemical explorations report of Chapan 1:100/000 sheet,volum2(not set)etc
Celestine, 2(not set)etc
Aliabad 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report(not set)etc
Halab ,1:100:000 Sheet(not set)etc
Chapan plate(not set)etc