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Metallogenic geochemical prediction Map of Sorkhshad 1:100/000 plate(not set)etc
Geochemical explorations and prospecting operation performance report at east-Toyserkan(not set)etc
Makoo-Oshnaviye (Khoy)plate 1:100/000 geochemistry explorations report(not set)etc
Geochemical explorations of Varche 1:100/000 sheet(not set)etc
Field function report(not set)etc
Digital earth 2001 conference report(not set)etc
Jabal-barez mineral dispersion map digitizing(not set)etc
Fare Ziaildin , 1:100/000 Sheet(not set)etc
Ferdos- Khosef zone(not set)etc
Glance to the gold exploration position In Iran(not set)etc
Antimony reserves review at Iran and world(not set)etc
Kamyaran sheet(not set)etc
Training Pamphlet(not set)etc
Heavy metal contaminats concentration amount and origin revew(not set)etc
Iran(not set)etc
Exploratory zone 3 (Ahar-Arashbaran)(not set)etc
Jabal-Barez sheet(not set)etc
Ghatoor sheet(not set)etc
Gold mines visit report(not set)etc
Systematic geochemical explorations report of Fonooj 1:100/000 sheet(not set)etc