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CoalGSI.IRType For WebSite Administeretc
Nayband zinc and lead beneficiationGSI.IRType For WebSite Administeretc
Copper ore beneficiationGSI.IRType For WebSite Administeretc
Phosphate beneficiationGSI.IRType For WebSite Administeretc
Zinc and lead ore beneficiationGSI.IRType For WebSite Administeretc
Manganese polished and thin sections microscopic study of Zard wellGSI.IRType For WebSite Administeretc
Iljagh potash processingGSI.IRType For WebSite Administeretc
Manganese deposit descripton with the radiolarian host rockGSI.IRType For WebSite Administeretc
Refractory preparation from Hajat Asbestos mine waste of khorasan-NakhjavanGSI.IRType For WebSite Administeretc
Watershed agicultural development and reclamation of Kol river and Qeshm Island(not set)etc
Fayzabad sedimentology remote- sensing review(not set)etc
Standard and similar signs preparation for 1:100/000 maps(not set)etc
Remote- sensing knowledge introduction and it’s uses(not set)etc
Chabahar 1:100/000 map preparation(not set)etc
Zagros Mesozoic units sedimentology (Nayriz-Aligoodarz)(not set)etc
Tirgan formation sedimentary environment and facies at east- Kopedagh domain(not set)etc
Birak1 map report(not set)etc
Chapan sheet hammer exploration (IranKhah)(not set)etc
Ramian valley(east-Alborz)(not set)etc
Structural geology review of Jabal-Barez Mountain Chain(not set)etc