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Shirvan geology surveys(not set)KHORASAN SHOMALI
Chapan sheet hammer exploration (IranKhah)(not set)etc
Birak1 map report(not set)etc
Dehagh map geology and stratigraphy study(not set)ISFAHAN
Torbat- jam map geolog and stratigraphy study(not set)KHORASAN RAZAVI
Feraydonshahr geology surveys(not set)ISFAHAN
Dehagh geology surveys(not set)ISFAHAN
Tirgan formation sedimentary environment and facies at east- Kopedagh domain(not set)etc
Zagros Mesozoic units sedimentology (Nayriz-Aligoodarz)(not set)etc
Parvarde formation lithostratigraphic and sedimentary environment and facies at Tabas region(not set)YAZD
Damo formation sedimentary environment review at Tabas region(not set)YAZD
Bandar –Daylam 1:100/000 map preparation(not set)KHOZASTAN
Sari 1:100/000 map preparation(not set)MAZANDARAN
Anzali 1:100/000 map preparation(not set)GILAN
Chabahar 1:100/000 map preparation(not set)etc
Remote- sensing knowledge introduction and it’s uses(not set)etc
Standard and similar signs preparation for 1:100/000 maps(not set)etc
Fayzabad sedimentology remote- sensing review(not set)etc
Watershed agicultural development and reclamation of Kol river and Qeshm Island(not set)etc
Region remote – Sensing review with a special glance to sea coastal regions at Bandar – Anzali sheet(not set)GILAN