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Magnetic review(not set)GILAN
Selsetine(not set)etc
Miocene time duration as derived from analysis of sedimentation rate(not set)etc
Generalities about Coal and briefly mention to its spread(not set)
Copper mineralization review(not set)KERMAN
Neflin Sinite ore ore-dressing method(east-Azarbayjan)(not set)AZARBAIJAN SHARGHI
Zinc and lead geophysical review(not set)MAZANDARAN
Koshk zinc and lead(not set)YAZD
A glance at mines of Hormozgan province(not set)HORMOZGAN
Zinc and lead geophysical review(not set)TEHRAN
Ilmenite(not set)etc
Survey of aerial geophysicss anomalies with magnetometry method, RS and IP in Rashm – Semnan Province region(not set)SEMNAN
Geophysical studies performance(not set)YAZD
TalcoseGSI.IRType For WebSite AdministerLORESTAN
Selsetine(not set)etc
Covering the shale outcrop(not set)YAZD
Kahnooj Illmnite(not set)KERMAN
Geophysics exploration operations(not set)TEHRAN
Zenoor KaolineGSI.IRType For WebSite AdministerAZARBAIJAN SHARGHI
Regional stratigraphy of folded belt- Zagros Thrust and evolution of fore-ecosystem h is depended on it(not set)HAMEDAN,LORESTAN,KHOHKYLOYEH & BOYERAHMAR,KERMANSHAH,KORDESTAN,FARS,CHAHARMAHAL BAKHTEYARY,ISFAHAN