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1:100/000 geochemical explorations report of Davarzan plate(not set)etc
The report of aerial geophysics studies in method of magnetometry and radiometry in Chapan sheet(not set)AZARBAIJAN SHARGHI
Sefidabvillage landslide report (Qazvin province)Geology(not set)QAZVIN
Systematic geochemical explorations of Agh-Darband 1:100/000 sheet(not set)etc
Economical gelogy report and telemetry in sheet of forumad in asclae of 1:100,000(Davarzan – Miami zone)RemotesensingGeological field
Flood occurance causes review on 1381/05/21 and the prevention alternatives from it’s damages and casulties at east- Golestan province (Golestan forest)Geology(not set)GOLESTAN
A turban expansion of Shiraz City(not set)FARS
Geochemical explorations and geology studies of ores on the door of Mahneshan town(not set)ZANJAN
Subsidence and it’s unfavorable results at the world and IranGeology(not set)etc
Allot sheet(not set)KORDESTAN
Heavy – ore geochemical explorations at Mahabad 1:100/000 sheet(not set)AZARBAIJAN QARBI
The plan of combination of basic data layers and introduction at promising mineral areas of the country(not set)
Subsidence occurance cause glance review at west- south TehranGeology(not set)TEHRAN
Takhte- Solayman 1:100/000 sheet(not set)AZARBAIJAN QARBI
Systematic geochemical explorations report at Chahar –Goosh Astara region(not set)ARDABIL
The preliminary exploration plan of lead & zinc to explanation of geological help in scale or(not set)
Flood preliminary evaluation on 1381/05/02 at Khalkhal and Shanderman region, Flood occurance causes , damages and recommendationsGeology(not set)
Ariz and Chaderamlou 1:100/000 sheet(not set)etc
Systematic geochemical explorations report at Abriz 1:100/000 sheet region(not set)etc