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Determining the signs from parse archean city and one grade area of Takhte Jamshid(not set)FARS
Chromite exploration(not set)
Sulfide mineralization exploration(Gold)(not set)
Exploration at copper mine(not set)QOM
Irankooh mines geophysical function (north slope)(not set)
Magnetic traverse geophysical function performance(not set)HAMEDAN
Geophysical studies performance by induced polarization and measuring strength method(not set)KERMAN
Engineering geology studies of Dameghan , Astane dam place(not set)SEMNAN
Geophysical studies Performance(not set)KERMAN
Geophysical Studies.(not set)
Geophysical studies(not set)
Geophysics exploration operations(not set)TEHRAN
Covering the shale outcrop(not set)YAZD
Geophysical studies performance(not set)YAZD
Zinc and lead geophysical review(not set)TEHRAN
Zinc and lead geophysical review(not set)MAZANDARAN
Copper mineralization review(not set)KERMAN
Magnetic review(not set)GILAN
Old mine study of zinc and lead(not set)YAZD
Geophysical studies(not set)SISTAN & BALUCHESTAN