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Exploration project geological formation for brick production(not set)KERMANSHAH
Range exploration Zuzan I (the sheet of one hundred thousandth Zuzan)(not set)KHORASAN RAZAVI
7-Atlas report reviews geomorphologic & the natural coastal features sheet: 1:100000 Bandar Anzali(not set)GILAN
geophysical exploration of Shurabe sulfates in Gavkhoni(not set)ISFAHAN
Preliminary exploration of Laterite horizon in Heyder Abad(not set)AZARBAIJAN SHARGHI
Systematic geochemical exploration in the form of a sheet inn scale of 1:100,000(not set)KERMAN
Exploration of gold and associated elements in Glujeh in north of Zanjan(not set)ZANJAN
exploration reports in geochemical exploration methods in Salafchegan II area with a scale of 1:25000(not set)QOM
Systematic Geochemical Exploration Report sheet of 1:100,000 Rey Abad(not set)SEMNAN
geochemical exploration and heavy mineral in sheet of Esfandaqeh with a scale of 1:100,000(not set)KERMAN
Detailed Report Exploration Garnet Deh Salam(not set)KHORASAN JONOBI
Miocene time duration as derived from analysis of sedimentation rate(not set)etc
The timing, rate and nature of the late Quaternary tectonism in Iran(not set)etc
Plio-pleistocene stratigraphy in Iran(not set)etc
Seasonality of earthquakes in Iran(not set)etc
Geomechanical reviews at Arghash- Chesmezard mining region (anomaly No: 3)Geology(not set)etc
Golestan province flood reportGeology(not set)GOLESTAN
Annual review report of Larijan hot-water spring following earthquakes, 18 to 27,Mehr month, 1381Geology(not set)etc
Silvane ,1:100:000 SheetGeology(not set)etc
Halab ,1:100:000 Sheet(not set)etc