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Bed rock depth dtermination and the corrosion effect determination to 3m depth(not set)HORMOZGAN
Water exploration at mine region(not set)
Zinc and lead exploration(not set)
Suitable place determination for drilling a water wellGSI.IRType For WebSite AdministerTEHRAN
Zinc and lead explorationGSI.IRType For WebSite AdministerMARKAZI
Following the previous functions, in this process, controlling anomaly and determining the caused displacement amount in the result of the faultingGSI.IRType For WebSite AdministerISFAHAN
Nickeliferous sulfar masses exploration and chromite explorationGSI.IRType For WebSite Administer
Magnetic anomalies expantion determination and determining it’s approximate depth.GSI.IRType For WebSite Administer
Review of how to expand a granite at Irkan mountain and shotory springGSI.IRType For WebSite Administer
Gold explorationGSI.IRType For WebSite Administer
Saline fresh water isolationGSI.IRType For WebSite AdministerYAZD
Aquifers reviewGSI.IRType For WebSite AdministerZANJAN
The observed magnetic anomalies follow-up at airborne meaturementsGSI.IRType For WebSite AdministerKHORASAN RAZAVI
Miocene time duration as derived from analysis of sedimentation rate(not set)
Plio-pleistocene stratigraphy in Iran(not set)etc
The timing, rate and nature of the late Quaternary tectonism in Iran(not set)etc
Seasonality of earthquakes in Iran(not set)
Effeciency estimation of geophysical methods at manganese viens exploration(not set)TEHRAN
Zinc and lead exploration and determining the magnetic possible anomalies(not set)etc
Compeletion studies of Magnetic anomalyGeology(not set)ISFAHAN