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Rock avalanche of Abikarkon- Olya village, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiyari provinceGeology(not set)CHAHARMAHAL BAKHTEYARY
Khoy , Dizaj, Ghatoor and Salmas sheets(not set)
Systematic geochemical explorations report of Chapan 1:100/000 sheet, volume1(not set)etc
Land slide preliminary review from Oshan- Fasham roadGeology(not set)TEHRAN
Chahargoosh.Abdooghi(not set)etc
Geochemical systematic explorations with a preliminary scale at Esfandaghe region(not set)etc
Bala Zarin-Abad Village Landslides(not set)QAZVIN
Golestan province flood reportGeology(not set)
Behshahr 1:100/000 sheet(not set)MAZANDARAN
Systematic geochemical explorations report of Izadkhast 1:100/000 sheet(not set)FARS
Annual review report of Larijan hot-water spring following earthquakes, 17to 18 Mehr month, 1381Geology(not set)MAZANDARAN
Gian 1:100/000 sheet(not set)etc
Systematic geochemical explorations report of Gorgan 1:100/000 sheet(not set)GOLESTAN
Safiabad sheet(not set)etc
Tungsten and tin exploration plan at Khakoo-Hamedan region(not set)HAMEDAN
Systematic explorations modeling report at Orumiye-Dokhtar volcanic belt(not set)etc
Shamkan 1 :100/000 sheet(not set)KHORASAN RAZAVI
Negisan 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report(not set)etc
First reviews of monitoring points layout and geology water (earth crust monitoring plan at central Alborz)Geology(not set)
Sabzevar sheet(not set)KHORASAN RAZAVI