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Systematic geochemical explorations report of Izadkhast 1:100/000 sheet(not set)FARS
Systematic geochemical explorations report of Gorgan 1:100/000 sheet(not set)GOLESTAN
Tungsten and tin exploration plan at Khakoo-Hamedan region(not set)HAMEDAN
Systematic explorations modeling report at Orumiye-Dokhtar volcanic belt(not set)etc
Negisan 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report(not set)etc
Taftan Taftan polymetal potential plan at Kharestan region(not set)etc
Preliminary exploration plan of Silijerd , volume1(not set)etc
Preliminary project of Dameghan town mines(not set)SEMNAN
Geochemical explorations report-Davaran heavy ore(not set)etc
Geochemical explorations of Saadat – abad 1:100/000 sheet(not set)etc
Heavy ores, geochemical explorations and reviewing the anomaly zones at Varche 1:100/000 sheet,appendixes(not set)etc
Geochemical explorations of Varche 1:100/000 sheet(not set)etc
Preliminary geochemical explorations at Tonekabon Se- hezar zone(not set)GILAN
Geochemical explorations of save 1:100/000 sheet,volume 1(not set)MARKAZI
Aliabad – Mosavi(Zanjan) copper Semi- detailed exploration and geochemical studies report(not set)ZANJAN
Tin geochemical explorations at Shahkooh region (north-Habisi valley) south Birjand-east Iran(not set)etc
Geochemical explorations and prospecting operation performance report at east-Toyserkan(not set)etc
Zirconum and Titanum geochemical explorations at Saghand-Ardakan region(not set)YAZD
Metallogenic geochemical prediction Map of Sorkhshad 1:100/000 plate(not set)etc
Metallogenic geochemical prediction map of Takestan 1:100/000 plate(not set)QAZVIN