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Bojnurd earthquake(1997)(not set)KHORASAN SHOMALI
Zirkuh earthquake(1997)(not set)KHORASAN JONOBI
Changure(Avaj) earthquake (2002)(not set)QAZVIN
Bam earthquake(2003)(not set)KERMAN
Baladeh earthquake(2004)(not set)MAZANDARAN
Zarand earthquake(2005)(not set)KERMAN
Qeshm earthquake(2005)(not set)etc
Bostan-Abad Earthquake (2010)(not set)AZARBAIJAN SHARGHI
Rudbar earthquake(1990)(not set)GILAN
Ahel (Kodian) earthquake (2010)(not set)FARS
Damghan earthquake (27 August 2010) 1(not set)SEMNAN
Damghan earthquake (27 August 2010) 2(not set)SEMNAN
KONARTAKHTEH earthquake (27 Sep 2010 ) 1(not set)FARS
KONARTAKHTEH earthquake (27 Sep 2010) 2(not set)FARS
Some-e Earthquake (2010)(not set)KHORASAN RAZAVI
Jam earthquake (26 November 2010)(not set)BUSHEHR
Konarak-Kerman Earthquake (20 December 2010)(not set)KERMAN
Konarak-Kerman Earthquake (20 December2010) (2) New(not set)KERMAN
Generalities about Coal and briefly mention to its spread(not set)