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Bala Zarin-Abad Village Landslides(not set)QAZVIN
Central Alborz – South formations lithology and stratigraphy at chalus and Dare- Jaban route sections(not set)etc
Maygoon-Fasham road first rockslide report(not set)TEHRAN
Bala- Zarin-Abad Village landslide report (Mazandaran province)(not set)MAZANDARAN
Structural damages review at adjucant Gharchak – Valiabad qanat(not set)TEHRAN
Visit report, dated on Mehr 29,1383 from the subsidence outcomes at Moeen-Abad , Varamin plain(not set)TEHRAN
Chromite exploration(not set)KERMAN
Effeciency review of geophysical methods at selcitine deposits exploration(not set)KHOHKYLOYEH & BOYERAHMAR
Lead exploration(not set)ISFAHAN
Zinc and lead exploration and determining the magnetic possible anomalies(not set)etc
Effeciency estimation of geophysical methods at manganese viens exploration(not set)TEHRAN
Seasonality of earthquakes in Iran(not set)
The timing, rate and nature of the late Quaternary tectonism in Iran(not set)etc
Plio-pleistocene stratigraphy in Iran(not set)etc
Miocene time duration as derived from analysis of sedimentation rate(not set)
Pariz plate(not set)KERMAN
1:100/000 Chapan report(not set)AZARBAIJAN QARBI
1 :100/000 Rafsanjan report(not set)KERMAN
Tirgan formation sedimentary environment and facies at east- Kopedagh domain(not set)etc
Dehagh geology surveys(not set)ISFAHAN