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Zinc and lead exploration(not set)ZANJAN
Determining the signs from parse archean city and one grade area of Takhte Jamshid(not set)FARS
Chromite exploration(not set)
Sulfide mineralization exploration(Gold)(not set)
Geochemical explorations of save 1:100/000 sheet(not set)MARKAZI
Metallogenic geochemical prediction map of Varzaghan 1:100/000 plate (west –north Ahar)(not set)AZARBAIJAN SHARGHI
Metallogenic geochemical prediction map of Takestan 1:100/000 plate(not set)QAZVIN
Metallogenic geochemical prediction Map of Sorkhshad 1:100/000 plate(not set)etc
Covering the shale outcrop(not set)YAZD
Zinc and lead geophysical review(not set)MAZANDARAN
Zirconum and Titanum geochemical explorations at Saghand-Ardakan region(not set)YAZD
Geochemical explorations and prospecting operation performance report at east-Toyserkan(not set)etc
Tin geochemical explorations at Shahkooh region (north-Habisi valley) south Birjand-east Iran(not set)etc
Zinc and lead exploration(not set)ISFAHAN
Aliabad – Mosavi(Zanjan) copper Semi- detailed exploration and geochemical studies report(not set)ZANJAN
Geochemical explorations of save 1:100/000 sheet,volume 1(not set)MARKAZI
Preliminary geochemical explorations at Tonekabon Se- hezar zone(not set)GILAN
Geochemical explorations of Varche 1:100/000 sheet(not set)etc
Heavy ores, geochemical explorations and reviewing the anomaly zones at Varche 1:100/000 sheet,appendixes(not set)etc
Geochemical explorations of Saadat – abad 1:100/000 sheet(not set)etc