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1. Kashan 1:100/000 Sheet

Author : Behrouz Borna& Mohammad Reza Jannesari

Exploration and metallurgic at scale 1:100/000

2. Lead exploration

Author : Kimia Ghalam

Region name: Esfehan Iran-Kooh mines the

3. Compeletion studies of Magnetic anomaly

Author : Joabadi and Corehie

Region Name: Choopanan from Anarak region

4. Following the previous functions, in this process, controlling anomaly and determining the caused displacement amount in the result of the faulting

Author : A.Jooabadi-M.Chorehie--Kimia Ghalam

Region Name: Khoor and Biabanak and Chopanan the desired aims: Following the previeus fanctions

5. Zinc and lead exploration

Author : Nikolas

Region Name: Nakhlak-Anarak

6. Golpayegan 1:100/000 sheat

Author : Behrooz Borna Mohammad Reza Jannesari

Metallogeny and hammer exploration at 1:100/000 scale

7. Aran-Nobaran zone of Farmahin sheet

Author : Hamid Ghadimzade

Mining potential control operation

8. Kashan

Author : Maryam Arafati

Polymetal review

9. Golpayegan 1:100/000 sheet

Author : Ahmad Kazemi Mehrnia ,Maryam Dehghan

Remote- sensing reviews in order to identify a mineral

10. Esfehan zinc

Author : Froozesh

Zinc concentrate preparation report of Esfehan Bama company