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1. The observed magnetic anomalies follow-up at airborne meaturements

Author : Yousefi

Region Name: Node-Sarsare, Sange-Sefid, Hosseinabad plain regions and Yaboo well

2. Turquoise exploration

Author : Kimia Ghalam, Iranmanesh

Region Name: Nayshaboor turquoise maine

3. Sabzevar 1:100/000 sheet

Author : Mohammad Reza Jannesari

Hammer exploration at 1:100/000 scale

4. Davarzan plate

Author : Alireza Jafari

Mining promising zones identification

5. 1 :100/000 Toragh report

Author : Shyda Eskandari

Mining potential map preparation

6. Shamkan 1 :100/000 sheet

Author : Simin Mehdizade Tehrani ;Floriz Khayri

Remote – sensing reviews of mineral exploration plan

7. Sabzevar sheet

Author : Simin Mehdizade Tehrani ;Pegah Izadpanah

Remote – sensing reviews of mineral exploration plan

8. Torbat- jam map geolog and stratigraphy study

Author : Mansour Alavi- Ehsan Mosavi

Old Darz – tennis earth study at region and also the existing tectonic structures and assembling the Lab and terrestrial observations

9. Mashhad subsidence

Author : Maryam Dehghani

State civil mapping organization with performing Maryam Dehghani leveling detected the subsidence of wide region from an a gricultural lands at about 20km east-north Mashhad. GPS data and the leveling measurements at this region shows rather high rate at a subsidence. But as these methods can not show the whole pattern of subsidence, it was used from a new technique namely, radar interferometry for determining the transformed region

10. Range exploration Zuzan I (the sheet of one hundred thousandth Zuzan)

Author : Kahn Consulting Engineers of Iran

The operation of two stages, generally designed and furrows. The first stage drawing geochemical anomaly maps, heavy minerals and identify areas of high potential and the second stage includes the control Nvmalyhast through rock samples taken from Ltrasyvnhay probable, possible areas of mineralization and fractures filled will be prosecuted


Low-grade Antimony in Kashmar

Qareh Aghaj Titanium with 208 mt possible reserve bearing 34 mt phosphate. In one of its block out of 11 blocks the reserve of more than 30mt reserve with more than 8 percent TiO2 has less processing and technological problems.

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