گزارش ها

1. Bandar –Daylam 1:100/000 map preparation

Author : Motedayen

Resposible of performing the experiments and monitoring the surveyed sediments samples of Bandar-Daylam

2. Structures review at Masjed-Solayman region

Author : Payman Navabpour- Ali Azhdari

Preparing Masjed-Solayman region 1:100/000 structural report and map and it’s around

3. Radiated spectrometry in method of ICP

Author : Simin Parand

Preliminary installing of ICP system in organization by engineer Khatibi from Jam Ara Company whihcis a agent of Juben Ion Co

4. Geological science : subjects and methods

Author : gsi

Experimental science has had great development during two resent centuries and it brought many results which can be seen all of them around us and use them every day. We are used to these results as we can not feel them anymore. Look at your around, how many artificial tools can you find that are result of this sciences?

5. Statistical and descriptive reports Microphonetic on Talab-e-shadegan cores (Khuzestan Plain)

Author : Shideh Shidnia

According to systematic classification of animals and plants and with respect to uniformity rule of phenomena from past to now which can be compared to life conditions in old organize to modern relatives and with this analysis, we can explain recognition of old environments that total of non-lived paremeters in life frame of organism (organisms) and naturally it is between environment and organisms and much reactions