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11. KONARTAKHTEH earthquake (27 Sep 2010 ) 1

Author : B. Oveisi & M. Eskandari

The 2010 Sep 27 Konartakhteh Fars earthquake (M 6.1 IRSC, Mw 5.6 USGS) shook central Zagros, close to the active Kazerun Fault.

12. KONARTAKHTEH earthquake (27 Sep 2010) 2

Author : B. Oveisi & M. Eskandari

Preliminary report on KONARTAKHTEH earthquake Mw 5.7 Sep 27th 2010, Central Zagros-Iran

13. Regional stratigraphy of folded belt- Zagros Thrust and evolution of fore-ecosystem h is depended on it

Author : Medi Alavai

Regional stratigraphy of folded-thrust Zagros belt is revised during late neo-Proterozoic to Phanerozoic along last surveys. That includes four big lithologic groups that each groups includes several big sedimentary sequences (megasequence) which is characterized with a uncontinous border and it results from changes in sedimentary-tectonic position.

14. Study of Qater- Kazerun Fault by use of magnetometry and geoelectric method in Kazerun region in Fars province

Author : Firouz Jafari , Seyed Abolhasan Razavi

According to request of great deputy of GSI geophysical operation is done in order to geophysical study of Qatar- Kazerun in method of magnetometry and geoelectric in region of Kazerun- Fars province in order to geophysical study for Qatar- Kazerun Fault from location determination and determination of hydrous fault.