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1. Bala Zarin-Abad Village Landslides

Author : Ansari-F., Entezam-I.,Bolurchi-M.J

Bala Zarinabad village, located in the south of Sari city in a hilly terrain. This area mainly consists of different thickness of loess deposits on the Apsheron formation outcrops.

2. Report on the structural damage around of Valiabad qanat area in Qharchack City

Author : Amir Shemshaki - Iman Entezam Soltani

Following of a formal invitation, from Disaster relief committee of Tehran province to evaluate potential hazard, in relation to forming cracks in the Valiabad Boulevard (Qharchack City in Tehran province).

3. Report on causes and mechanism of Moeen Abad earth fissure

Author : Iman Entezam- Amir shemshaki

Following of a formal invitation, from Disaster relief committee of Tehran province to evaluate potential hazard, in relation to forming a fissure in pishva region.

4. Preliminary investigation of sinkholes occurrence and their hazards in Kabudar Ahang, Famenin and Hamekasi plains(Hamedan province)

Author : Dadsetan,A- Entezam,I-Bolurchi,M.J

Base on the reports about occurrence of sinkholes in Kabudar Ahang area, in Hamedan province, and following the request of local authority a team of experts of geological survey of Iran, Engineering geology group, made a visit of affected area.



On 4th July 2004 at daybreak of Sunday,at “Paqaleh” region,located near Shahre-e-babak city and eastern hillside of “Mozahem” volcano, have been reported some roars and tremors and changes in the springs status.


Author : Mikhail Lisyuk

Russian Society of Soil Mechanics , Geotechnics and Foundation Engineering State Governmental Committee on Construction (Goss troy) , Saint Petersburg State University of Transportation .....

7. Geomechanical studies of Arghash- Cheshmeh zard mining area

The mining area of Cheshmeh Zard with 25 km2 of surface, has located in 45 km of south- west of Neishabour, in Khorasan province. Many different economic anomalies have been introduced in this mining zone where this report contains the engineering geology and rock mechanical studies of the nearest anomaly (III) is closed to the abandoned village of cheshmeh Zard.

Surface displacement of the 2006 Fin (southern Iran) earthquake

8. Surface displacement of the 2006 Fin (southern Iran) earthquake

Author : Mahasa Roustaei

The development of techniques Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) over the past 15 years has given geologists a useful tool for measuring crustal deformation in regions such as Asia or Iran that have experienced active tectonic. Active deformation in Iran is result of the convergence between Arabian & Eurasian plates. This deformation is marked by belt of faulting & earthquakes

9. Rock-fall Hazard Investigation on Chalus Road

Author : M.J.Bolourchi; I.Entezam Soltani;M.Mahmoudpour; F.Ansari

Chalus road is one of the most beautiful country roads and a major lifeline between North and Central part of Iran. Due to active tectonic of the area and lack of modern engineering design in constructing of this old road it is susceptible to stability problems especially rock-fall.

10. hyperspectral remote sensing

Author : Dr.Pouran Behnia

Recent advances in remote sensing, geographic information and computer technology have led the way for the generation of hyperspectral sensors and development of a new field of remote sensing. Hyperspectral remote sensing, also known as imaging spectroscopy, is a relatively new technology which was originally developed to obtain geochemical information from inaccessible planetary surfaces within the solar system.


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