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11. Fluorine Qhrabad Kurdistan region

Author : Mansour Samimi Namin

Qhrabad at 32 km (straight line) south east of turpentine placed way - from Chapan located 30 km turpentine (d Rjadh asphalt turpentine Court valley) towards the south branch is (this road well too Sanandaj goes) after over 10 km in the supernatant of road machinery road towards the left hand, which is split after passing through Castle Valley Tvfy Abad Yhay votes to reach Qhrabad. Last road section which is not a good situation and is 12 miles Qhrabad Last Abadi is my road car it ends be.

12. Control limits and introduce promising mineral in sheet of Baneh with a scale of 1:100,000

Author : Hossein Ali Taj al-Din

sheet Baneh zone reconnaissance Marivan - Mahabad (zone number 7) is located. This sheet is located in the western province of Kurdistan and a large part of it is in Iraq

13. Radiated spectrometry in method of ICP

Author : Simin Parand

Preliminary installing of ICP system in organization by engineer Khatibi from Jam Ara Company whihcis a agent of Juben Ion Co

14. Geological science : subjects and methods

Author : gsi

Experimental science has had great development during two resent centuries and it brought many results which can be seen all of them around us and use them every day. We are used to these results as we can not feel them anymore. Look at your around, how many artificial tools can you find that are result of this sciences?

15. Regional stratigraphy of folded belt- Zagros Thrust and evolution of fore-ecosystem h is depended on it

Author : Medi Alavai

Regional stratigraphy of folded-thrust Zagros belt is revised during late neo-Proterozoic to Phanerozoic along last surveys. That includes four big lithologic groups that each groups includes several big sedimentary sequences (megasequence) which is characterized with a uncontinous border and it results from changes in sedimentary-tectonic position.