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On 4th July 2004 at daybreak of Sunday,at “Paqaleh” region,located near Shahre-e-babak city and eastern hillside of “Mozahem” volcano, have been reported some roars and tremors and changes in the springs status.

2. Esfandagheh 1:100/000 Sheet

Author : Mohammad Reza Jannesari

Promising Zones introduction and control

3. Engineering geology preliminary report and the offered strategies for rebuilding Bam toun

Author : Engineering geology group

The most important of geomorphology and geology

4. Earthquakes report in 1383 Tir month at Paghale, Shahre-Babak region

Author : Farhad Ansari Masoud Mahmoodpour Ali Rashidi

At the morning on 1383/4/14 at paghale

5. Chromite exploration

Author : Yoosefi J-Kimia Ghalam

Region Name: Esfandaghe the desired aims

6. Copper mineralization review

Author : S.Visic

Region Name: Haft-Khan

7. Geophysical studies Performance

Author : Ali Mohammadi Jooabadi

Region Name: Sirjan, Chah gaz mine

8. Geophysical studies performance by induced polarization and measuring strength method

Author : Jooabadi

Region Name: Marvan qanat zinc and lead mine

9. Soil mechanic studies and research report along with Bam Shahre Jadid positioning

Author : Feraydoon Rezaie Masoud Andoli

Bam historical city with more than 2000 years old

10. Shahre-Babak 1:100/000 sheet

Author : Naser Abedian Mohammad Reza Jannesari

Hammer exploration at 1: 100/000 scale


Quake Harms Zarand Education

Zarand in the southern province of Kerman saw 120 billion rials in damages to its educational infrastructure in the course of the earthquake which rocked the city last February, Minister of Education Morteza Haji said.

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Zarand Earthquake killed 100 persons

Zarand Earthquake destroyed Daghuiyeh, Rooin Abad, Deh Asghar, Sardkouiyeh, Fath Abad, Eslam Abad, Arjmandiyeh, Motahar Abad, Baharestan, Zarand, Khanuk and Rayhanshahr villages, A Mb: 6.4

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<P class=MsoNormal style="MARGIN: 0cm 0cm 0pt; DIRECTION: ltr; unicode-bidi: embed; TEXT-ALIGN: left" align=left>The speech of president in inaugural ceremony of the first phase of copper condensation in sarcheshmeh kerman</P>

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Strong Quake Jolt Kerman Province

Tehran, Dec 26, IRNA - A devasting earthquake with a magnitude of 6.3 on the open-ended Richter scale rocked the city of Bam in southeast province of Kerman at 5:28:59 hour on Friday, announced Tehran University’s Geophysics ...

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