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1. Report on the structural damage around of Valiabad qanat area in Qharchack City

Author : Amir Shemshaki - Iman Entezam Soltani

Following of a formal invitation, from Disaster relief committee of Tehran province to evaluate potential hazard, in relation to forming cracks in the Valiabad Boulevard (Qharchack City in Tehran province).

2. Description on the earthquake on 1383/11/21 at North-Gorgan

Author : Farhad Ansari-Moha mmad Javad Blourchi

This earthquake has occured at an active zone from tectonic point

3. Flood occurance causes review on 1381/05/21 and the prevention alternatives from it’s damages and casulties at east- Golestan province (Golestan forest)

Author : Ahmad Dadsetan Alireza Sayare

Flood occurance geographic position on 1381/05/21 is located at the east-Golestan province according

4. Golestan province mineral dispersion map

Author : Mana Rahimi

Mining potential map preparation

5. Golestan province geology map

Author : Mana Rahimi, Alireza Jafarirad

Mining potential map preparation

6. Gorgan 1:100/000 sheet

Author : Floriz Khayeri

Remote- sensing reviews in order to identify a mineral

7. Frist analyse- Fresibility of Gonbad Kavoos mining lime use

Author : Seyed Abbas Fazaeli Mirza Agha Mohammadi Fathollah Mosavary

1- Deposit 2- First microscopic detection study 3- Grinding at different modles and the chemical distribution and gradation analyse

8. Gonbad Kavoos 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report

Gonbad Kavoos 1:100/000 geochemical exploration report

9. Systematic geochemical explorations report of Gorgan 1:100/000 sheet

Systematic geochemical explorations report of Gorgan 1:100/000 sheet

10. Golestan province flood report

Author : Mohammad Javad Blurchi- Hasan Shahrivar

At night Friday dated on 19th and at Saturday dated on 20th Mordad monts, 1380,the fearful flood flowed at Golestan province oriental region and also Khorasan province western that caused the huge financial and human damages.


Quake Hits Gorgan

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