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1. Bala- Zarin-Abad Village landslide report (Mazandaran province)

Author : Farhad Ansari, Iman Entezam Soltani, Mahammad Javad Blurchi

Bala-Zarin Abad village has been located in south – Sari city and at the dune-bedded region

2. Flood occurance causes review and the preventation alternatives from it’s damages and casualties at Cehezar river at Tonekabon- Mazandaran province

Author : Ahmad Dadsetan Alireza Sayare

Flood occurance geographic position on 1381/04/25 at westpart of central Alborz is according

3. Annual review report of Larijan hot-water spring following earthquakes, 17to 18 Mehr month, 1381

Author : Mohammad Javad Blourchi Farhad Ansari Amir Shemshaki

As per late cooperations of the state civil mining exploration and geology organization with Tehran governorship

4. Zinc and lead geophysical review

Author : Nikolas

Region Name: Gav-Talla

5. Amol sheet

Author : Sadeghi& Monafnejad

Mining potential zones review

6. Marzan-Abad 1:100/000 sheet

Author : Mahdi Khoda Parast

Promising zones introduction and control

7. Ghaemshahr sheet

Author : Under preparation

Ghaemshahr 1:100/000 sheet mining

8. Chaloos-Gorgan zone (Kiasar sheet)

Author : Hamid Ghadimzade Ghadimzade Olovakbari

Mining potential control operation

9. Chaloos- Gorgan zone

Author : Shayda Eskandari with cooperating the group

Mining potential map preparation

10. Abas-abad sheet

Author : Mana Rahimi

Mining potential map preparation