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21. Geological report and geochemical exploration in south of Behshahr – Galugah The project in number of Gg-25-Behshahr

Author : Consultant engineers of Pichab Kavosh

Geographical characteristics of the region south of Behshahr area and Galugah is studied area of this project which is located in heights between 70m to 1560m in eastern Alborz ranges and in east of Behshar province and south of Galugah province. This are lies between 53 45’E to 53 50’E. Approximate area of this region is about 125 km2. From population concentration in this region, west population is in Galugah Province. Seraj Mahale, Nosrat Abad, Tileh No, Nezam Mahaleh and Tapeh Khorshid kola are located in northern sidehill and Niala, Rameh Dan and Evard in Southern sidehill.

22. Baladeh earthquake(2004)

We use teleseismic waveform analysis and locally recorded aftershock data to investigate the source processes of the 2004 Baladeh earthquake, which is the only substantial earthquake to have occurred in the central Alborz mountains of Iran in the modern instrumental era.