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1. Bed rock depth dtermination and the corrosion effect determination to 3m depth

Author : H.Nikolas-M.H.Iranmanesh

Region Name: Ghachin Sofla village the desired aims

2. Lead exploration.

Author : Kimia Ghalam

Region Name: Shaykh Abolkhazem – Bejestan Village the desired aims

3. Economical Geology and telemetry studies in 1:100,000 sheet Haji Abad (Esphandaghe - Dolatabad zone)

Author : Sarmad Roozbeh Karegar

sheet of 1:100,000 Haji Abad is in the path of Tehran - Bandar Abbas highway and part of quadrate 1:250,000 of Haji Abad. In fact sheet 1:100,000 of Haji Abad is located in south west of Haji Abad quadrangle in south of Baghat sheet. Haji-Abad township is located approximately on center of sheet.

4. Radiated spectrometry in method of ICP

Author : Simin Parand

Preliminary installing of ICP system in organization by engineer Khatibi from Jam Ara Company whihcis a agent of Juben Ion Co

5. Geological science : subjects and methods

Author : gsi

Experimental science has had great development during two resent centuries and it brought many results which can be seen all of them around us and use them every day. We are used to these results as we can not feel them anymore. Look at your around, how many artificial tools can you find that are result of this sciences?

6. Geology & geophysic reports in method of induced polarization in region of sheikh Aali

Author : Mohammad Javad Vaezipour

The village of sheikh-Aali is located in Hormozgan province & about 150km from east of Bandar Abbas & about 300 km in south of Kerman. Mentioned area is located in a part of ophiolite mélange in south west of Iran, in south of Baft & east of Haji Abad.

7. Furg(Hormozgan)earthquake(1990)

Using P- and SH-waveform inversion, aftershock distributions and field observations we show that the Mw 6.4 1990 November 6 Furg (Hormozgan) earthquake was associated with ∼15 km of south-facing surface ruptures with an average vertical displacement of ∼1 m.

8. A glance at mines of Hormozgan province

Author : Mohammad Javid

Hormozgan province is situated in 1,100km from north of Hormuz strait and Persian golf and it has a free water border about 1,400 km with calculation of Gheshm Island.Hormuz strait which is situated between Iran beaches and Persian gulf Emirates beaches, has approximately 80km in width and it is only pass way of Persian gulf.

9. Fast report of Bastak Earthquake, Zagros-Iran Mw 5.5

Author : Behnam Oveisi

Fast report of Bastak Earthquake, Zagros-Iran Mw 5.5