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1. Preliminary investigation of sinkholes occurrence and their hazards in Kabudar Ahang, Famenin and Hamekasi plains(Hamedan province)

Author : Dadsetan,A- Entezam,I-Bolurchi,M.J

Base on the reports about occurrence of sinkholes in Kabudar Ahang area, in Hamedan province, and following the request of local authority a team of experts of geological survey of Iran, Engineering geology group, made a visit of affected area.

2. Subsidences mechanism review and the hazards caused from it as Kabodarahang, Famnin and Hamekasi plains (Hamedan province)

Author : Ahmad Dadsetan -Iman Entezam- mohammad Javad Blourchi

The agricultural activities, the water consumption rise at different

3. Zinc and lead exploration

Author : Jooabadi

Region Name: Ahangaran mine the desired aims

4. Magnetic traverse geophysical function performance

Author : Jooabadi,M.R.Sedigh far,Kimia Ghalam,A.Mohammadi

Region Name: Hamedan, Asadabad

5. Tungsten and tin exploration plan at Khakoo-Hamedan region

Tungsten and tin exploration plan at Khakoo-Hamedan region

6. Radiated spectrometry in method of ICP

Author : Simin Parand

Preliminary installing of ICP system in organization by engineer Khatibi from Jam Ara Company whihcis a agent of Juben Ion Co

7. Geological science : subjects and methods

Author : gsi

Experimental science has had great development during two resent centuries and it brought many results which can be seen all of them around us and use them every day. We are used to these results as we can not feel them anymore. Look at your around, how many artificial tools can you find that are result of this sciences?

8. Regional stratigraphy of folded belt- Zagros Thrust and evolution of fore-ecosystem h is depended on it

Author : Medi Alavai

Regional stratigraphy of folded-thrust Zagros belt is revised during late neo-Proterozoic to Phanerozoic along last surveys. That includes four big lithologic groups that each groups includes several big sedimentary sequences (megasequence) which is characterized with a uncontinous border and it results from changes in sedimentary-tectonic position.


37% of Dolomite Mines in Nahavand

Based on the published statistics by the Industries and Mines Organization of Hamedan province out of Iran's 19 active dolomite mines there are 7 active mines in Nahavand that covers 37 percent of the total country's dolomite.

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