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1. Facies, sedimentary environment and Gochal formation lithostratigraphic (Carboniferous) at Kalmerd-west Tabas region.

Author : Hamid Reza Mosafa & Shide Shidniya

Facies, Sedimantary environment and Gachal formation lithostratigraphic (carboniferous) at Kalmerd- west Tabas region

2. Saline fresh water isolation

Author : Yousefi

Region Name: Esfahan plain , Tabas the desired aims: Saline and resh aquifers border isolation

3. Schistosity review at sandstone

Author : Yousefi

The desired aims: performing IP method

4. Old mine study of zinc and lead

Author : Nikolas

Region Name: Mahjerd- Ardakan

5. Geophysical studies performance

Author : Ali Mohammadi Jooabadi

Region Name: Yazd, Mehdiabad zinc and lead mine

6. Covering the shale outcrop

Performance date: Bafgh, Kooshk mine

7. Bafgh poshtbadam zone

Author : Mojgan Zareienejad and 6 persons of co-workers

Paragensis, copper, iron and gold promising

8. Bafegh-Poshtebadam zone

Author : Mojgan Esfehaninejad, Mana Rahimi

Regional systematic exploration reviews report

9. Shahrebabak sheet

Author : Mojgan Esfehaninejad ,Mana Rahimi

Mining promising zones identification

10. Osfordi Bafegh 1/100/000 sheet

Author : Reza Zarinfar, Amin Abbas Asgari

Remote- sensing reviews in order to identify a mineral