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181. Immediately report of Latian dam Landslide

Author : Iman Entezam- Amir Shemshaki- Farhad Ansari

At late days of 1384, the landslide event at near of latian dam caused anxieties.

182. Summary subjects regarding Quaternary sediments around Tehran

Author : Manuchehr Pedrami

From Tehran around to karaj at highlands south slppe of this region, Hezardare sandy Layers(and sometime fine grain)at en echelon folds that under effect ....

183. Rock fall hazard review at chaloos road

Author : Mohammad Javad Blourchi- Iman Entezam- Masoud Mahmoodpour- Farhad Ansari

Technical manager: Mohammad Javad Blourchi RHRS method Iman Entezam SMR method, and Engineering geology: Masoud Mahmoodpour Sozan Karimnejad Tari.

184. Immediately report of Damavand volcano variations at Bahman, 85

Author : Amir Shemshaki- Farhad Ansari -Yoosef Mohammadi- Koorush Latifi

At data related to the earth electromagnetic anomalies, one anomaly is seen on 25/10/1385(15/1/2007) that is almost synchronous with the event of one earthquake with 2/7 magnitude at Damavand

185. Environmental geology reviews at Ghorve-Bijar region-preliminary report

Author : Alireza Sayare- Mohammad Fonodi- Ahmad Dadsetan

The main aim of this report is the review of the environmentawl geology at Ghorve-Bijar region.the people health at this region has been threated with drinking the waters having some ....

186. Davarzan 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report

Davarzan 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report

187. Regional systemic explorations reviews report at Ferdos Khosef zone

Regional systematic explorations reviews report at Ferdos-Khosef zone

188. Regional systematic explorations reviews report at Marivan-Mahabad Zone

Regional systematic explorations reviews report at Marivan-Mahabad zone

189. Fonnoj 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report

Fonooj 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report

190. Sorkhshad 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report

Sorkhshad 1:100/000 geochemical explorations report


A Mammoth Find in Moorpark

Construction crews in Moorpark have uncovered the skeleton of a fossilized mammoth believed to be older than the ancient beasts found at the La Brea Tar Pits.

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Amazing Mars

When two rovers landed on opposite sides of Mars a little over a year ago, they carried a 90-day warranty: that was all the working lifetime the designers of Spirit and Opportunity would promise.

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Map India 2005

Map India 2005 is the 8th Annual International Conference and Exhibition in the field of geographic information technologies like GIS, GPS, Aerial Photography and

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Volcano Watch

Weather permitting, U.S. Geological Survey scientists plan to fly over the volcano next week to measure gas emissions, determine temperatures on the emerging lava dome and take a new set of aerial photographs.

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Volcano Watch

The new lava dome inside Mount St. Helens' crater continues to grow, accompanied by small emissions of steam and volcanic gases.

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Volcano showing signs of activity in Congo

A volcano which devastated Goma in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo three years ago is showing new signs of activity, adding to local anxiety over political turmoil in the region, a local scientist said on Sunday.

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Volcano Monitoring Funds Low

For lack of funds, more than a third of the nation's "truly dangerous" volcanos lack even a seismometer for detecting signs of an impending eruption, scientists say.

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Microscopic Diamond Found in Montana

The bright green rocks jutting through the prairie soil were hard to miss, but Tom Charlton still couldn't believe his eyes. It was kimberlite, the molten rock in which diamonds are found, and preliminary tests had yielded a microscopic diamond.

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Ma-on typhoon kills 6 in Japan

The most powerful typhoon to hit eastern Japan in a decade fizzled out on Sunday after causing a trail of destruction which left six people dead and three others missing, police and weather officials said.

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Tropical storm kills 600 in Haiti

More than 600 people have died in massive floods that raged across northern Haiti after tropical storm Jeanne hit this crushingly poor Caribbean nation ...

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Tropical storm in Haiti kills 50

At least 50 people lost their lives and 150 are unaccounted for in Haiti after tropical storm Jeanne swept across the island of Hispaniola that Haiti ...

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Study shows dinosaur could fly

New evidence gathered from a major advance in X-ray imaging of fossils has established that the winged dinosaur called archaeopteryx could actually fly and had much the same sense ...

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Natural Hazards

Tehran, Dec 26, IRNA -- An earthquake with an intensity of 4 degrees on the open-ended Richter scale jolted the southwestern city of Masjed Soleyman in Khuzestan province on Friday morning

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