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11. Davarzan sheet

Author : Morteza Eshghabadi -Shahram Rahmani

Mineral potential- finding

12. Dizaj sheet

Author : Morteza Eshghabadi -Shahram Rahmani

Mineral potential –finding

13. Soltan-Abad sheet

Author : Morteza Eshghabadi -Sarmad Roozbe Kargar

Mineral potential-finding

14. Toragh sheet

Author : Morteza Eshghabadi,Sarmad Roozbe Kargar

Mineral potential-finding

15. Central Iran

Author : Seyed Aliasghar Mokhtari

Precious ores and metal

16. Field function report

Author : Mapping group

U.T.M measurement, traverse lengths

17. Map preparation work stages

Author : Cartography group

According to past four decade

18. Gold position report

Author : Pantea Giahch Esfehaninejad- Mosavi

Gold site preparation

19. Chapan plate

Author : Alireza Jafari, Seyed Ali Mosavi

Promising regions field control

20. Iran

Author : Delavar, Sadeghi,Jafarirad, Rahimi and with cooperating group

Antimony position review at Iran


12. An ML Scale in Tehran Seismic Network

Holding Date : 11 March 2008