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61. Process 2 phosphate

Author : Molataheri ,Ganji

Process 2 report of phosphate beneficiation possibility at lar mountain region on a new sample at Lab.scale

62. Gazestan phosphate

Author : Amini Molataheri

Gazestan phosphate beneficiation by method of magnetic and flotation

63. Potash

Author : Amini Molataheri

Pahl port potash beneficiation using solution and flotation method

64. Potash 2

Author : Mohammadi

Ilgagh potash processing preliminary review at Lab scale

65. Gold recovery experiments

Author : Ganji Amini

First experiments of Arashbaran gold recovery at Sharafabad-hize exploratory region

66. Manganese beneficiation

Author : Amini Molataheri Raiesi

Eig mine manganese beneficiation report from Estehbanat, Fars province at lab scale.

67. Garnet

Author : Amini ,Molataheri, Raiesi

Garnet beneficiation report at south- Khorasan region (Deh- Salam) at lab and semi- industries scale

68. Arashbaran Gold recovery preliminary review

Author : Amini

Arasbaran gold recovery preliminary review (Safi – Khanlou region)by methods of cyanuration at lab scale.

69. Zinc and lead ore dressing

Author : Amini ,Molataheri

Kooh- Kalange mine zine and lead sample ore dressing report by the gravity method at lab scale

70. Barite

Author : Molataheri- Amini-Raiesi

Pars Kani Company ore dressing report by the gravity method at lab scale.