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71. Zinc and lead ore dressing by the gravity method

Author : Molataheri ,Amini

Zehabad mine zinc and lead ore ore – dressing report by the gravity method at lab scale

72. Manganese rock bereficiation

Author : Gangi, Raiesi

The performed beneficiation experiments on the manganese rock at west- south Sabzevar(Bonsbard)

73. Arghash gold

Author : Amini

Gold recovery from Arghash- Nayshabour Mine

74. Titanium beneficiation

Author : Molataheri -Amini -Raiesi

Ghare-Aghaj titanium deposit beneficiation possibility preliminary studies (orumiye)

75. Mica

Author : Amini- Raiesi- Molataheri

Mica ore – dressing report at Arak,Gilan, Khorasan, Hamedan regions at lab scale

76. Gold- Titanium recovery

Author : Oliazade- Amin-i Daraebidy

Pichide- Gandi(Moxleman) gold and other ore precious metals recovery report

77. Argillite

Author : ......

Shahi Nilchian(Doylan)mine argillite diuspyrite plan

78. Celcetine

Author : Amini

Processing function performance project report at lab scale on celcetine at Zagrous region

79. Feldespat

Author : Molataheri

The performed experiments report on the pegmatite rock sample

80. Pine Oil

Author : Karimi

Pine oil quality review related to industrial and scientific researches organization – Esfehan research center