Geological site investigation and Environmental Assessment of New Waste Disposal site for Tehran

دسته زمین شناسی زیست محیطی
گروه سازمان زمین شناسی و اکتشافات معدنی کشور
مکان برگزاری بیست و سومین گردهمایی علوم زمین
نویسنده فریدون غضبان
تاريخ برگزاری ۲۶ بهمن ۱۳۸۳

Presently the main solid waste disposal site for Tehran is the Kahrizak landfill which has reached full capacity. As a result, finding a new environmentally safe location is of prime importance. The main priority is the establishment of a new geologically sound landfill. Based on the preliminary environmental assessment, the proposed site for the construction of the new landfill, ۵۰ km south of Tehran, fulfills such a requirement.The exploratory investigation demonstrated that the ground conditions at the proposed site and the surrounding areas is governed by highly impermeable marlstones and clay materials which are resistance to water and leachate percolation and infiltration into the possible ground water resources at depth. However, such material must be protected by geosynthetic material from possible erosional processes which are effecting the area.

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