دسته چینه شناسی و فسیل شناسی
گروه سازمان زمین شناسی و اکتشافات معدنی کشور
مکان برگزاری سومین گردهمائی علوم زمین
نویسنده Y-S-REPIN
تاريخ برگزاری ۲۶ بهمن ۱۳۶۳

There are given here the changes of palaeogeographic situations starting from early Triassic and till the end of Jurassic depicted at 8 paleontological maps.
1- Farly Triassic The territory of Iran is covered with shallow epicontinental sea; Where there are accumulated under conditions of arid climate dolomites and limestones. In The east of the country there was Lut lagoom. Here there were accumulated red beds.
2- Middle Triassic: The Situation is inhereted from Early Triassic Lut Lagoon Ceased to exist.
3- Late Triassic- Middle Jurassic: With the beginning of late Triassic (till Norian) there happens the split of the one carbonate platform in to two (Iranian and Zagross) that were developed in different ways. Before that the platform was a uniform one. Iranian blookis lifted and almost completely exposed over the sea level. At Norian there takes place the downing of Iranian block And here there exist the regime of alluvial plain and Shallow sea under conditions of humid climate. Process of peat accumulation is rather daveloped here. This type of paleogeographic situation exists till the beginning of Bathonian. It is complicated by transgression during Toarcian.
4- With the beginning of Bathonian and during Late Jurassic there takes place the progressing climate ariding. And here there prevails carbonate type of sedimentation under marine conditions.

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